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  • All of us who suffer from gout struggle to find any way of making sense of our condition.


  • We know that there is no cure, but how can we know if what we are doing is truly controlling it.


  • With your own URIC ACID METER you can monitor your Uric Acid levels as regularly as you wish and look for patterns that can help you take control.

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Your Uric Acid & Glucose Test Kit has everything you need


How often should I test?

Over time the meter provides an indication of what is happening to your uric acid levels.

Testing can be done daily or weekly and ideally should always be done at the same time of day so that you replicate the testing procedure as exactly as possible.


Try to keep a record of your results together with a dairy of the foods etc you have consumed.

Plotting a graph can help you interpret the data.


Personally I initially tested myself daily keeping a record of my diet and now once per week unless I feel the Gout “tingle”. I occasionally check my glucose and cholesterol levels.

How easy is it to use the meter?

There is a very comprehensive instruction booklet, as well as our own notes, Instruction Video, pictures and tips. After a little practice (use the cheaper Glucose strips) you soon get used to getting the right amount of blood into the test strips, and it becomes second nature. 

A personal note

"I find that the reassurance of having the meter available, means that I can react to any sign of increasing Uric Acid levels instantly, without going through the process of worrying if that ache or pain is Gout!!!"


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Result appears in 20 seconds

Use lancet to obtain blood sample

Your Test kit contains:-

Carrying case

The meter with memory functions.

Lancing device

25 Sterile Lancets

10 Uric Acid Test Strips

10 Glucose Test Strips

A log book to record your results.

Full instruction book

Quick start guide

2 Year Warranty

The meters are designed for both home use and for Health Professionals

It provides Uric Acid Test results in 20 seconds from less than 4 micro litres of blood. The memory holds 100 test results. 

Chris Mills

How to use the meter - Please look at our Video below

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Details & Order Page Video Uric Acid Meter

Test strips, & lancets available on the order page.



To help you keep a record and follow the rise and fall of your uric acid levels we have developed an easy to use EXCEL graph. You will be able to download this after your purchase.

The graph will automatically show the average of the results and allowing easy identification of any trends, whether these are an increase or decrease in levels. The graph can also keep a record of your diet or other factors if required